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Working at Limelight is all about collaboration, problem solving and delivering in a fun environment. 

Life's too short to be bored in work - so make sure you work with a company that excites you...

Why Work at Limelight?

Work where you’re inspired, motivated and excited.  We want to nurture and cultivate your talents - your growth is our success. We want leaders and team members who can innovate, collaborate and deliver.  We thrive on shaking the norms and always striving to do things better. Whilst we are driven to deliver for our clients, what makes us tick is working with some of the cleverest people on some of the coolest Programmes.  

If this sounds like it could be you - get in touch...

Develop your career and work with large companies

At Limelight, we're fortunate to work with some of the largest companies in the world.

Working on a Global scale can be a challenge, but nothing quite prepares you for the proliferation of challenges when implementing a global transformation to local communities.  Whilst it can be challenging at times, the satisfaction from forming lasting connections with colleagues across the world who are striving to deliver alongside you is thrilling.

You also get a different perspective on the degree of scalability and control in a huge organisation.  These can be the learning grounds for Process Excellence - and some of the lessons learned will stay with you as you help smaller organisations achieve the same degree of business performance in order to support their ambitions for growth.

Working at Limelight, we'll expose you to some of these global companies and give you the opportunities to expand your horizons and 'up your game'.

Be Part of a Something Special

6 Hours
Training allocated per month
Free chocolates awarded per month
Net Promotor Score
Induction Programme
8 Years
Teaching provided to 3rd world countries

Current Full Time Opportunities


Become a Certified Limelight Affiliate

In addition to our full-time team, we operate an affiliate network to cover either any additional heads or any unique and specialised skillsets (typically those that we don't need full time). At Limelight we have process methodologies and principles that each of our programmes operates, so we can't let just anyone be an associate. If we did it would compromise our quality standards and programme execution. As such, we developed a certification package that we expect all of our affiliates to work through before we use them. It's roughly 10 hours of content with various examination points to ensure understanding. Yes, we know this is a stretch for some, but it is critical that we maintain our quality standards and provide a world class service to our customers.

If you want to apply to become a certified affiliate fill in the form below and our careers team will get back to you. 

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