RunHealthy Assessment

Even the best run programmes need a degree of assurance to ensure your investment is going to realise its goal and there are no surprises around the corner.

What is the RunHealthy Assessment accelerator?

Things will arise in every programme which are unforeseen.  The question is have your team minimised the chances of those risks being material to your timeline, costs and benefits, and when they arose did we see the warning signs early enough to react to them?

RunHealthy Assessment is how we give you reassurance that your team are mitigating this inherent risk when delivering your programme.

Having run countless implementations ourselves we know how to spot the early warning signs. We also know what you need to do to fix them. Trusted by many, our RunHealthy Assurance offering sees us work through a 128 point checklist to catch any areas that might be your Achilles heel.

Given our depth and breadth on implementation programmes, we have an exceptional insight into what we consider to be ‘normal and expected’ at various points on any transformation. We have all heard the horror stories of failed transformation programmes who appeared to be on track by their own measures, yet went terribly off-course and over-spent. We are passionate in our aim to be able to provide clients assurance which identifies any programme approaches, governance frameworks or team structures which are working against your goal to deliver the benefits.

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What deliverables can I expect with RunHealthy Assessment?

Our RunHeathy Assessment is both detail driven but boardroom relevant.  We conduct a 128 point health-check and work with your team on any recommended actions to mitigate risks or issues identified.  We also have a keen sense of what's relevant for your board and summarise this via our RunHealthy Dashboard.  This intuitive, engaging framework keeps your stakeholders updated with the relevant findings and any recommended mitigations.  This also provides the programme team with an ongoing anchor point to check 'are we believing our own hype?'.

To ensure your team and board aren't always looking backwards, we also provide forward looking 'horizon-scanning' to sensitise your team and sponsors as to what to watch out for next.  We know from experience the likely challenges in the next phase, and having reviewed your risks, issues and performance to date, have a keen sense of what's likely to be our next challenges to mitigate.

Where required, programme recovery plans will be created.  This will include recommendations of any governance, approach or team changes required and will be engineered to avoid any programme pause or downtime.  We have decades of experience of programme recovery so know how to turn things around quickly and get moving.  And as always in these programmes - it's not just the tools, templates and technology we have to think about - but we have to take the programme team with us - something which Limelight prides ourselves on.

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