The Limelight Culture

Culture makes a business. At Limelight we believe it defines it. Limelight was created to 'feel' like a different organisation to the ordinary. We grew tired of the status quo and wanted to create something innovative and fun. 

What is the Limelight culture

Limelight was founded to disrupt the consulting industry. We are passionate believers that extraordinary projects should be available to everyone. Principles of improvement and innovation are at our core and our accelerators were built with this passion. Everyone has a thirst for different. Whether technology, a technique or a process we encourage everyone to explore ideas and improve everything we do. We understand people are our number one asset and we nurture and care for them, encouraging and helping them to innovate and develop in all ways. Ultimately their success and their experiences contribute to your success story.

One of our key aspirations is what we call ‘culture match’. We aim to match our partners in terms of organisational culture. We aspire to operate in a manner that partners recognise, one that fits seamlessly into the partner organisation. Our goal is that working with us should be no more challenging than working with one of your internal teams.

Limelight Comparison
Big 5
Mid Market
Off-Shore Based
Extensive innovation in delivery models
Accelerator rich delivery to realise benefits FAST
Creates legacy to drive Continuous Improvement
Aim to match your style and culture
Rigour of Big 5 with flexibility of Mid-Market SI
Boardroom credible - from Strategy to Delivery
Geared for mass, low cost technical delivery

Our programmes deliver results

Measurable ROI improvement
Average completion time
Successful programmes implementations
Of training received
Of teaching provided to 3rd world countries
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