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A real business transformation needs to be guided by a clear vision and real insight.  Process excellence is at the heart of our transformation approach for good reason. 

Don't just get there fast.  When you achieve your transformation, ensure you realise the benefits with RunBetter Processes.

What is the RunBetter Process accelerator?

In our view, the difference between an IT programme and a real business transformation is ensuring we are not simply iterating today's processes into tomorrow's system, but questioning from the outset - what are we trying to achieve here? Where and how do our processes need to change to make that happen?

To achieve this, our Process Excellence Framework provides a structured approach and begins with the definition of end-to-end process visions and maturity models so we gauge where on the journey to your vision you are, and where you are relative to the market.

Having identified target process areas for improvement, we leverage a set of tools including our RunBetter Process Diagnostics, a pre-configured process analysis suite, which allow us to interrogate your current systems to identify where process issues are impacting your business performance.

Armed with a clear picture of where you want to get to and what's currently impacting you from getting there, we then work with your team to review SAP Best Practice Content that can support the journey in addition to look at areas where process differentiation can delivered beyond what the solution offers out of the box.

Our RunBetter Processes don't stop at go-live either - we've all seen too many programmes be delivered only for questions to immediately surface as to why the process performance or benefits seem to be eroding. Our RunBetter Process Diagnostics are often used during Hypercare to drive accelerated adoption of the new processes and proactive root cause analysis of issues.

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The Methodology - MARIM


Measure & Cost

Full analysis of the process prior to any improvement


Study the process in detail


Recommend solutions and improvements to the process


Implement recommendations

Measure & Cost

Full analysis of the process post improvement

What deliverables can I expect with RunBetter Processes?

RunBetter Processes accelerator brings to bear several components to ensure your transformation delivers the outcome you aspire to – Real Business Performance:

  • Define process outcomes from the outset: Process excellence framework which defines the end-to-end process visions, process maturity models to focus on key areas of improvement.
  • Identify today’s limitations: Deploying our RunBetter Process Diagnostics suite to interrogate your current systems to identify areas of process weakness which need to be addressed during the transformation.
  • Accelerate process adoption: Leveraging our RunBetter Process Diagnostics by now interrogating the new systems, we quickly identify areas requiring remedial training, re-enforcement of policy or system tweaks.

Help me decide what accelerator I need...

Fill in the Limelight Scorecard to help you find the best accelerator for your transformation programme.

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