RunFast Launchpad

Pace without direction takes you to the wrong destination, very quickly. Set off on the right path with our RunFast Launchpad. Set solid foundations for programme governance, and gain clarity and control during the early phase of your programme.

What is the RunFast Launchpad?

Transformation Programmes need to start fast and stay fast. They also need to start on the right footing. Just like building a house, any weakness in the foundation of a transformation programme will cause cracks at a later point. We have a strong belief that all programmes, SAP or otherwise, need to be rock solid from the outset. If you don't feel in control from the outset, you should be questioning WHY?

In the digital era, large transformations shouldn't move at a glacial pace - your competitors certainly won't. We use advanced tooling and methodologies to accelerate the launch of a transformation programme, whilst providing governance and control from the ground up. Think of it as a hyper-charged launch. Business focussed, fast paced but great fun!

Leveraging our RunFast Launchpad, projects and programmes are quickly operating at a world class standard – easing the delivery burden and reducing risk to the organisation. This allows the Programme to focus on delivery with quality and auditability 'built in'.

With our RunFast Launchpad accelerator we start by clearly defining the vision: What are we trying to achieve and how does it enable our strategy?

We review your operating model in light of the new vision and identify areas where alignment is required. Our experts then leverage best practice knowledge to help you define the business capabilities that are needed to deliver the vision. Working with your technology teams, existing architecture and in-flight initiatives can then baked in to create an optimised Transformation Roadmap.

Leveraging our RunFast Launchpad accelerator, programmes quickly move from definition to launch with certainty and at pace. This ensures the destination is clear, the benefits are locked down and the business can't wait to launch their Transformation.

Help me decide what accelerator I need...

Fill in the Limelight Scorecard to help you find the best accelerator for your transformation programme.

What deliverables can I expect with RunFast Launchpad?

Our accelerator is based on a number of areas and deliverables. Typically these range from implementation templates, pre-canned material, some clever  technology and training and learning packages. We are implementing in a very different way to most programmes, the learning curve is steep. As such we encourage everyone to partake in the learning process – from ‘C’ Suite executives through to delivery experts. In order to achieve fantastic delivery results, we all need to be operating from the same hymn sheet.

The Runfast Launchpad provides clarity and deliverables on the following aspects

  • Programme Structure – The best blend of IT and business colleagues to maximise the capabilities of the programme and safeguard your transformation investment.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Detailed job descriptions for all roles within the programme.
  • Governance – Best practice governance frameworks for the temporary organisation. Clear definition on the roles and responsibilities for all involved in the governance process.
  • Contract setup – Finding the right partner to support your transformation.
  • Best practice tooling and methodologies – Making the most of standard tooling and methodologies to jump start your transformation. Starting from scratch is the worst start anyone can make.

Help me decide what accelerator I need...

Fill in the Limelight Scorecard to help you find the best accelerator for your transformation programme.

Are we your perfect partner?

  • You want a partner that is business focused but IT savvy
  • You want strength and depth from your partner
  • You want a company who innovates on delivery models as well as technology
  • You want an enjoyable and simplified programme
  • You want your programme to realise tangible benefits
  • You want to move at pace and benefit from an industrialised toolkit
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