What's Your Business Journey

We are all on a journey when it comes to Business Transformation. Some are ahead. Some are behind. Our goal is to get you from where you are NOW, to where you want to be NEXT. We are the facilitators, the HOW.

Where are you on your transformation?

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I'm new to business transformation with SAP

Starting from Scratch
  • I don't know where to start
  • I need to learn about business transformation with SAP
  • What will an SAP partner offer me?
  • S/4 what?
  • How do I define a business case for this?
  • How do I ensure my benefits are delivered?
Get Started
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My transformation programme is underway

Making Progress
  • I have a plan, but what next?
  • Is my programme heading in the right direction?
  • I need to make sure this works before it's put live
  • I am feeling nervous about this
  • My programme is going wrong!
  • Why do I need a Centre of Excellence?
Get Delivering
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My transformation programme is live

Maintain and Improve
  • My programme isn't delivering what I expected
  • I am using SAP but it feels hard to control
  • I think I need to upgrade
  • Why do my users dislike SAP?
  • Where are my benefits?
  • How can I continuously improve?
Get Perfecting

Where to start

We need to understand where you are on your journey, so our teams can best advise what you need to do next. Anyone who talks to you about SAP has missed the point. Your organisation is on a business transformation journey. Not an IT implementation.

The digital economy has forced businesses to think differently. IT is an enabler of change, but change itself is a tough nut to crack. More of the same - but online, just wont cut the mustard. Not in today’s world…

Like it or not, you need to think differently. We guarantee your competitors are.


What does a typical transformation journey look like?

Define Vision
Simplify Processes
Change Management
Business Adoption
Benefits Realisation

Our leadership team

A hard truth in our industry is that not all transformation leaders are created equally. These are hard programmes. So hard that the majority fail. That's why it is important to ensure you have the best leader at the helm. They need to be steeped in experience, have the battle scars and come with an industrialised best-practice tool-kit.

Don't compromise on quality when it comes to leadership.

If you think hiring an SAP IT Project Manager is the answer, think again. This isn't an IT programme - far from it…

Are we your perfect partner?

  • You want a partner that is business focused but IT savvy
  • You want strength and depth from your partner
  • You want a company who innovates on delivery models as well as technology
  • You want your programme to realise tangible benefits
  • You want to move at pace and benefit from an industrialised toolkit
Find out more about Our Culture
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Limelight Culture

Still unsure if you need our help?

Sometimes it's good to compare yourself to others, so we have made it simple to to exactly this. We'll show you how we compare against other partners to make sure you are choosing the right one. If we aren't right, we will tell you. Honesty and integrity are our key values.

Partner Comparison

Do you need us to answer any questions?

We have an extensive questions & answers page which might help answer any questions, but if there is something we missed, please visit the contact page and choose how you'd like to get in touch. We are more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

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