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Once you have established and launched your business transformation programme it is time for the rubber to meet the road. You will be leading your organisation through significant change and disruption to a better, more advantageous place. Make no mistake, this is where the hard work starts. Successful execution of a change programme is critical to success.

Business transformation 101

Business transformation is a critical part of any organisation. Every year thousands of businesses lose their competitive advantage by not taking advantage of new developments and ways of working. In this digital era, the most successful companies are the most agile and competent at changing and reinventing themselves.

ERP platforms have been the go-to for many of the world's largest companies when looking for a class-beating system of record for the majority of core business processes. Indeed these systems are very competent and incredibly powerful, but the answer is not technology. The answer is transformation.

The key to success is change. And, like it or not, change is hard

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