How to drive real business change

All too often in large transformations, there’s a clear view early on of why we need to change and a good picture of some of the fundamental building blocks of that. However before long, due to the pressure to deliver and the constraints technology places on those aspirations, some of that clarity of vision gets lost.

The reasons for this happening are myriad, but with some experience based simple measures implemented, you can ensure your business transformation stays on the right track:

  • Structure for Success: De-couple the technical solution part of your programme team from the streams responsible for change management.
  • Don’t lose sight of the Vision: Define Process Visions for each end-to-end area and challenge the process and system experts to reconcile to that throughout Design.
  • Devil’s in the detail: Ensure the change management has real process and system experts to avoid being slick but content-less.
  • Why leave all the change to go-live: Challenge the change team to identify which of their impacts can by mitigated in advance of go-live.
  • You get what you measure: Implement a Business Readiness Dashboard to provide transparency and apply pressure to delivering change mitigations before go-live.

Brian Lavery
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Brian Lavery

Brian began delivering Business Transformation Programmes enabled by SAP around twenty years ago. Well-grounded with the structure and rigour the Big 5 gives, from the outset Brian’s passion has been to ensure real business performance is delivered by the Programme (i.e. enabled by technology, not distracted by it). 

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