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SAP have recently release the new SAP ONE Support launchpad, SAP’s central entry point to all of its service and support applications. The launchpad has been in use with more than 15,000 SuccessFactors customers since April 2015 and will be available for all large enterprise users from the end of October 2015.

What’s new about the SAP ONE Support launchpad?

SAP has a strong track record of offering a central entry point that its customers can use to find the support and materials they need, whether they’re searching for SAP Notes, managing license keys, or looking for software downloads and SAP Knowledge-Based Articles – such as How-To Guides. The foundation was laid with SAP Service Marketplace in 1997 and extended with the launch of the SAP Support Portal in 2004. Both portals were designed to provide information and access to all service launchpad-facts1and support applications ensuring customer-specific SAP solutions run smoothly and without disruption. With 1.8 million registered Support users, better known as “S-users,” the SAP Support Portal ( is the third most-visited SAP website after and

So far, so good, you might say, you’re a long-standing SAP customer, that is. Often, customers that joined the SAP fold after an acquisition – like Ariba, Concur, and Fieldglass –have not enjoyed quite so direct a route to SAP’s service and support offerings. Some continue to have their own dedicated support portal. The SAP ONE Support launchpad is set to change all that.

That’s because, true to its guiding principle of Run Simple, SAP is committed to reducing the complexity of its support and service experience too, and is currently developing the new SAP ONE Support launchpad in close cooperation with customers as part of the SAP ONE Support program. The SAP ONE Support launchpad will consolidate all the current access routes to offer a single entry point for all service and support requests and for all SAP solutions.

What are the benefits?

The next generation of service and support tools focus on creating a simple and user friendly experience. And new technologies like SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and SAP Fiori bring the benefits of a mobile friendly experience, real time computing and rapid innovation cycles.

In the new SAP ONE Support launchpad, helpful information is presented in an easy to understand visual ‘dashboard’. Leveraging SAP HANA, users have an at-a-glance view into actions they need to take on their software.

SAP ONE Support launchpad offers:

  • A single entral entry point for help on all SAP solutions, including cloud (for example SFSF, Ariba, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud) andon premise solutions
  • A consistent experience for users who administer and manage both cloud and on premise solutions
  • Personalised list of actions, applications, and solutions for each user
  • Real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) for insights
  • A simple and intuitive user interface (SAP Fiori)
  • A central and personalised search that searches SAP Notes, Knowledge-Based Articles (KBAs), SCN Forum, Lithium Forum (SFSF), systems, installations, users, notifications, software, and more

Why a new SAP ONE Support launchpad?

There are currently two clearly discernible trends in today’s software market: First, the number of hybrid software landscapes (landscapes that incorporate a mix of on-premise and cloud products) is increasing. These represent either an interim step in a company’s transformation to an entirely cloud-based solution landscape or a strategy that involves the enhancement of an existing on-premise product with cloud solutions. Second, the increased use of mobile devices is hiking demand for simple and intuitive applications. Users are increasingly taking centre stage in software solutions and they expect to enjoy the same level of functionality whatever device they happen to be using. The SAP ONE Support launchpad is SAP’s response to these trends. Third, users are expecting an increasingly personalised experience, that offers timely, relevant information, easing the management of their products.

See the video below for more information.

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