What is the Digital Economy?

Horizon Digital Economy Research (government funded) is an organisation building on the Digital Britain plan. Horizon research has focused on the role of ‘always on, always with you’ ubiquitous computing technology. Their aim is to investigate the technical developments needed if electronic information is to be controlled, managed and harnessed — for example, to develop new products and services for societal benefit. An interesting organisation in general but their website sums up what the digital economy is rather well. Worth a read.

“Technology in the form of the Personal Computer and the Internet has already transformed work, education, government, leisure and entertainment, generating new market opportunities and having a major economic impact across a broad range of sectors.

The emergence of new infrastructures, including wireless networks, mobile devices and positioning technologies, heralds the next radical shift in technology as it becomes embedded in the public spaces, architecture, furniture and the personal fabric of our daily lives

The widespread adoption of handheld computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, satellite navigation, embedded sensors and a host of increasingly interconnected devices marks the beginning of a shift towards a world of ubiquitous computing that will ultimately see people served by many thousands of computers.

Ubiquitous computing represents a key engine of innovation for our future digital economy. Indeed, it already underpins contemporary visions of the future of energy, transportation and healthcare and has the potential to transform other sectors including the creative industries, manufacturing and financial services.

Adoption of ubiquitous computing will have a profound effect on the ways in which people work, travel, learn, entertain themselves and socialise.

Researching and understanding how digital technology is designed and used, is crucial in ensuring it delivers both economic and societal benefit to all.”

Read more here… http://www.horizon.ac.uk/what-is-the-digital-economy/

Have a read of the Five Pillars of Transformation – it is linked to the above and might be of interest. It explains the steps and processes all transformation needs to fall into.

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Neil How

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