CIO Scorecard – Are you in control of your delivery?

As experienced technology professionals, you will know you cannot leave anything to chance. Having a robust delivery model and deep engagement with your business teams is critical to success. It drives change management - the crux of all transformations. However, history (and our experience) tells us this is often one of the most common reasons for failure - leading to expensive overrun and time delays. It is critical that as a leader in your organisation you manage and control this. The chances are, that you will feel the pain if this doesn't go to plan, from a corporate perspective and a personal career progression one.

This scorecard helps you to understand the controls you should have in place to safeguard these critical aspects.

Test your ability to manage these critical aspects and gain great insight with our 25 page report, full of actionable steps and insight. Improve your transformation delivery.

Do not leave things to chance.  

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Brian Lavery
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Brian Lavery

Brian began delivering Business Transformation Programmes enabled by SAP around twenty years ago. Well-grounded with the structure and rigour the Big 5 gives, from the outset Brian’s passion has been to ensure real business performance is delivered by the Programme (i.e. enabled by technology, not distracted by it). 

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