Composable Architecture

We hosted a roundtable discussion on a recent trend in IT - Composable Architecture. Composability appears everywhere these days, so we  helped explain what it is, how it works, discussed appropriateness and looked at how to transition to it. 

Watch the replay below!

Hype or Differentiator?

We invited our colleagues from QuadCorps (an integration boutique) to spend some time with us as we talk through a recent trend in IT - Composable Architecture. In case you have missed the trend, composable architectures are everywhere these days. But What actually is it? Should you adopt it? How should you adopt it and, perhaps most importantly, What are the business benefits in going composable?

Watch the replay below!

Who are QuadCorps?

QuadCorps works with SME and enterprise-level organisations delivering high-performance software applications and solving highly complex systems integration problems. Specialising in API and Integration Ecosystem transformations, they have pride themselves on military precision, expertly executed.

You can find out more about QuadCorps via their Website

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