Automated SAP Notes Search Tool

SAP Note 1818192

Hopefully, this note is already installed on your SAP landscape but if not it greatly helps you search for SAP notes that are relevant to a specific problem. There is no need for random google searches/SDN etc!

The tool searches for specific correction notes based on issue replication. Using transaction ANST_SEARCH_TOOL to replicate the problem you then run the transaction with the issue and the note provides a list of notes not yet implemented. You can read the note directly through the tool and it integrates through to SNOTE to allow it to be downloaded.

It also claims to work with web applications, customising tables and customer code but this isn’t tested (yet!)

Also – take a look at the latest SAP solution explorer

Neil How
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Neil How

Neil ran his first SAP transformation programme in his early twenties. He spent the next 21 years working both client side and for various consultancies running numerous SAP programmes. After successfully completing over 15 full lifecycles he took a senior leadership/board position and his work moved onto creating the same success for others.

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