To Drive Digital Transformation, HR Needs a Seat at the Executive Table

This is a great HR post from Birgit Starmanns from SAP. Through working on recent projects we feel this is becoming more and more true in many enterprises. The digital transformation covers all aspects of the modern business – front office and back office. Every person and department has a role to play in the journey to the digital enterprise and this should be represented at all levels of an organisation. We have copied a snapshot here with a link to the full article.

What Human Resources executive hasn’t longed for a seat at the executive table? But for most, this dream is yet to be realised. And for good reason. If your department is bogged down with compliance and transactional activities – and most business interactions with HR end with a resounding, “No, you can’t do that” – then your department cannot, and will not, be thought of as a strategic business function.

But as companies undergo digital transformations driven by rapid adoption of innovations in enterprise mobility, data analytics, cloud computing, and social media, businesses are being reshaped across every industry. Functions and processes, including HR, are being radically reinvented. And as this occurs, executives will need HR to step up to the plate and assume a new kind of leadership role. As noted by IDC, “The ‘people dimension’ of digital transformation means that HR needs to actively participate in contributing to better business outcomes through improved workforce visibility and effectiveness.

Only with effective management and deployment of the enterprise’s workforce resources can HR contribute directly to achieving positive business results.

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Neil How
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Neil How

Neil ran his first SAP transformation programme in his early twenties. He spent the next 21 years working both client side and for various consultancies running numerous SAP programmes. After successfully completing over 15 full lifecycles he took a senior leadership/board position and his work moved onto creating the same success for others.

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