Data Transformation Breakfast

We spent time online discussing data within transformation programmes. As we all know, get anything 'data' wrong and you face expensive delays or timeline problems. Take a look at the replay below, as we talk through the 7 deadly data sins and how to avoid them.

Watch the replay below!

7 Deadly Data Sins

Data migration, quality and governance are fundamentals to any ERP programme. They are also key cornerstones that often get overlooked in terms of focus - leading to expensive delays. We spent time online covering the 7 deadly data sins that hurt transformation programmes and, most importantly, how to avoid them

Watch the replay below!

Data Readiness Checker

We created this tool to give an early warning indicator for things 'data related' that aren't quite right. It provides a great tool for identifying where to look to improve. It covers all aspects of the data workstream - migration, quality and governance. 

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