Data Transformation Breakfast

Join us online as we discuss data within a transformation programme. Get anything 'data' wrong and you face expensive delays or timeline problems. Learn the 7 common mistakes and how to avoid them. Also, get access to our complimentary data toolkit to assess your data readiness.

Data Breakfast

23rd August 2022 - 09:00 BST

Data migration, quality and governance are fundamentals to any ERP programme. They are also one of the key cornerstones that often gets overlooked in terms of focus - leading to expensive delays. Join us online as we cover the top 7 reasons data fails transformation programmes and, most importantly, how to avoid it. We will also give you complimentary access to some of our tooling to help you assess the maturity and readiness of your data workstream - and give you a barometer of success.

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If you want to learn more about data and, in particular, 7 critical things that go wrong and what to do about them, then reserve a spot at our Transformation Breakfast. Plus, get access to our data toolkit to help you on your journey and gauge your level of success.

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