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After working with some of the best delivery teams, interviewing SAP customers and scouring the Globe for best practice, RunFast was born. It incorporates best practice from transformation programmes and capitalises on concepts from Lean Management, DevOps and Agile. The culmination is a methodology that lets us run at an unmatched pace.

We have grouped the RunFast methodology around six fundamental areas.

  • Preparation –  Ensure you, and your team, are highly prepared in advance. Key steps to set up your project to succeed;
  • Reorganisation –  Simplify the process around delivery, use advanced tooling and embed simplicity into the design;
  • Outcomes –  Drive outcomes throughout the life of the project and create decision makers that make an impact;
  • Mindset –  Change the mindset of the delivery team to one of success (both customer and project teams);
  • People –  Empower and set people up to succeed. Work to their best strengths;
  • Tempo –  How to maintain an aggressive delivery tempo without burning out.

The feedback on the RunFast offering process has been fantastic. We have been inundated with customers and prospects asking how we achieve such incredible results. We are firm believers in giving but cannot get our techniques and story out to enough people. We are deeply passionate about our industry, it is in our blood, and everyone deserves to benefit from our knowledge. Hence the book was born… 

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Neil How
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Neil How

Neil ran his first SAP transformation programme in his early twenties. He spent the next 21 years working both client side and for various consultancies running numerous SAP programmes. After successfully completing over 15 full lifecycles he took a senior leadership/board position and his work moved onto creating the same success for others.

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